November 29, 2018 / Tysons Corner, VA

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Artificial Intelligence that Works for the Intelligence Community

Broad advances in artificial intelligence are dramatically changing Human Language Technology. Resulting improvements in text analytic capability are enhancing mission applications of Basis Technology’s Rosette platform. Building on over a decade of progress in applying machine learning to multi-language text analysis, Rosette now employs deep neural networks to enhance accuracy and extend capabilities.

Deep neural networks (DNN) the latest innovation in machine learning (ML), is revolutionizing what is possible for AI. While DNN are improving performance across the universe of AI applications, it is especially applicable to natural language processing (NLP) systems. When compared to traditional ML model outcomes, DNN-driven NLP applications are easier and faster to customize to a particular domain, are more convenient and cheaper to train, and have significantly higher prediction accuracy.


  • AI across the analytic stack
  • State of the art for old and new AI / non-AI techniques
  • Innovations in cross-lingual NLP
  • Best practices in identity analytics
  • Balancing triage and analysis
  • Challenges with Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Persian, and Russian text
  • What you should expect from your AI vendor
  • Getting started with an analytical system