June 10, 2020

Webinar: Reopening International Borders with Smart Contact Tracing

How to Deploy Traveler Contact Tracing at Your Border

July 28 at 7:00 am GMT

8:00 am: London
10:00 am: Tel Aviv
11:00 am: Dubai
3:00 pm: Singapore
4:00 pm: Tokyo



July 28 at 3:00 pm GMT

8:00 am: US PT (San Francisco)
11:00 am: US ET (New York)
4:00 pm: London
6:00 pm: Tel Aviv


With no end in sight to the COVID-19 pandemic, governments are looking at ways to safely reopen their borders. One of the key tools available to governments and airlines to do so is contact tracing. If a new COVID-19 case is found to have flown in the last 30 days, how quickly can the contact tracers notify the patient’s fellow party, the passengers who sat in close proximity, and the flight crew? With contact tracing efforts taking as much as 7 hours per case, it is vital to speed up the process of identifying those travelers who were most exposed.

“In order for contact tracing to be successful and efficient, passenger locator data should become available to the public health authorities as soon as possible after the identification of a confirmed case among airline passengers.” — ECDC Technical Report, June 12, 2020

In Reopening International Borders with AI-powered Contact Tracing, border technology experts Ricardo Letosa (SITA) and Declan Trezise (Basis Technology) will demonstrate a contract tracing application that connects a list of probable or confirmed COVID-19 cases with travel data, even when a unique identifier such passport number is not available. In this system, contact tracers can quickly identify and notify potentially exposed fellow travelers. Built on Rosette’s smart name matching technology, this solution gives comprehensive and efficient access to information that contact tracers need to do their job swiftly.

In this webinar you’ll learn how:

  • Some border agencies and airlines plan to operationalize effective contact tracing
  • Technology can prepare border agencies for current travel volumes and higher volumes, as travel rebounds
  • Countries with COVID-19 contained can open borders with safeguards to protect against reinfection.

Introduced by former Director-General of the UK Border Force, Tony Smith, this webinar will give you the latest on how technology can enable safer travel as we navigate this worldwide health crisis.

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